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We are an entertainment non-profit organization.

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Shelf life, durability, and availability

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Empowers talents around the world.

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We utilizing a vast network of resources .

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Who we are?

Seven Stars World Entertainment, Inc. is proud of the accomplishments of the people that have made up this operation. Seven Stars World Entertainment, Inc. is particularly proud of the fact that we maintain an atmosphere of respect and dignity while ensuring the safety of all individuals served.

The world’s children, youth, and adults are looking for the best in life. The management team at Seven Stars World Entertainment, Inc. realizes that every human being has something he/she can do to utilize his or her skills or talents. We believe every person has gifts that God has blessed them with. They may not have a high school diploma or college degrees or maybe a child that lacks discipline, but at Seven Stars World Entertainment, Inc. we thrive at helping these individuals to grow.  We establish an organization where everyone can be comfortable and productive by creating a place where the stars and board members have the same opportunities to develop their skills. People who live in the communities we serve can utilize these resources to improve their lives. We preparing children and youth in the community for the real world by keeping them off the streets and away from television shows and video games that promote violence. For the adults, we have developed training programs to help them meet the criteria for job qualification. 

Endy V Paul |Chief Visionary

"We are proud to serve you and we feel it’s our duty to serve the community."


To be the number one entertainment organization that promote talents around the world.


Empowers talents around the world and helps them break the cycle of poverty by giving them access to better career opportunities.

Culture. Education. Empowerment.


Whether you are a musician, dancer, singer, actor or any kind of talents you may think you have or not even know if you have talents we at SSWE, INC. we want to give you the opportunity to explore you talents and help you step by step to become a better citizen. We use a proven process that can help thousands people to explore the possibilities that mesh with their unique goals, needs and expectations.



How do we help talents

See Our Secrets On How We Help Talents!

We utilizing a vast network of resources in conjunction with social media and entertainment companies within the community. Some of the strengths and capabilities of our core products as it pertains to producing and promoting artists include that we are committed to serving talents with low income with professionalism, effective and caring manner.

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What Our Talents & Volunteer Saying

I had the opportunity to work with the founder and his associates at a recent anniversary celebration, and I was impressed at their level of professionalism and excellence. I definitely look forward to working with them again.
Belschatsar Bonzil
Very professional and trustworthy!!
Its a opportunity for young people with talents to come out their shell and show the world that the sky is not the limit no more.

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